Does your laundry room look like this?
Would you like it to look like this?

Happy Home Maid Service will also offer laundry services. We will pick-up, sort, wash, dry, fold/hang (no ironing). All you have to do is iron (if needed) and put the laundry away.
It doesn't matter how much laundry you have to do,
we will take care of it for you.

All at a reasonable price!
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Happy Home Maid Service will Wash your laundry at your home and have it clean, folded and smelling fresh. Our laundry service is guaranteed to make your life easier. All you will have to do is schedule a Service, leave your laundry by the Machines and head off to whatever the day has in store for you. When your laundry is washed, dried folded/hung, All you have to do is put it away , and your DONE !!. You will have Very Little time spent on doing laundry.